Book Bonuses

Anyone who pre-orders will also have access to a self-paced professional development course (25 hours) consisting of 15 lessons complete with videos, resources you can customize, and exemplars. Simply fill out this form after purchasing the book and I’ll send you information next Monday when the course goes live. Again, it’s self-paced, which means there is no deadline on starting or finishing the course. If you run into any challenges with it, please feel free to email me at

School or District Offer

If you buy 10+ copy as a school or 20+ copies as a school district, I will set up a site license for a year. This means any of your teachers will be able to sign up within that year.

Bulk Pricing

We do offer bulk pricing. If you buy more than 15 books, the price per book is only $15. That’s a ten dollar savings. For bulk orders, please email me at and I’ll share the details.